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The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout
Since it's release, this song-based voice training and vocal warm up method has been used by singers worldwide. Learn how to sing and how to keep your voice strong.

The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. Two
The popular follow-up to the first vocal workout includes updated material, new vocal technique information and 18 new songs.

Singing Live
The Performing Skills Guidebook for Contemporary Singers
Filled with information and exercises to teach you how to prepare and deliver your best singing performance at gigs large and small and singing auditions. Available in e-book or paperback format.

The Just Songs Vocal Warmup for Kids
Beginning to more experienced young singers age 7-13 can warm up and learn good singing technique while singing thirteen classic pop songs.

The Vocal Recovery Warmup
Our newest release: a gentle and easy warmup and strengthening method for singers with tired, sick, dry, older, or weak voices. The download includes an extensive e-book and 97 tracks full of information and exercises.

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Harmony Singing by Ear
A triple CD set with over three hours of instruction and fully produced pop, rock and jazz songs, using a proven method for learning how to harmonize by ear. Our best-selling method.

More Harmony Singing By Ear
This follow-up to Harmony Singing By Ear uses the same format with almost fours hours of instruction, vocal and music tracks, this time with seven slightly more challenging harmony songs.

Singing With Style
A 3-CD set that includes a jazz song-based warm up, singing technique instruction and vocal style instruction, including how to sing runs, fills, ornaments, scat-singing and more.

Sing Harmonies iPhone App
Strengthen your harmonizing skills with this easy to use app, which includes three songs in four-part harmony. Any and all of the voices can be muted or played as the tracks progress to learn and practice each part.

Services for Singers

Voice Lessons with Susan Anders
Singing lessons with an experienced vocal coach in Nashville, TN. Not in Nashville? Susan does Skype lessons, too.

Demos By Mail
Affordable, professional demos or tracks in a variety of musical styles. Experienced song producer, top session players.

Songs to License
Great original songs played by top studio musicians for your artist project. License the track and save money on studio time.

Tom Manche's Studio X
A full-service recording studio in Nashville, TN. Tom has been producing and engineering for over 25 years, and is very experienced working with singers. Demos, album projects, tracks, voice-over projects: Tom can do all of them professionally and affordably.

Music Camps & Conferences

Note from Susan: I've taught workshops or week-long classes at all of these places, and I'm very impressed with the high quality level of the teachers and classes, the organization, the array of class topics, the value, and the fun factor. Check them out:

California Coast Music Camp: California
Puget Sound Guitar Workshop: Washington
NSAI's Songposium: Tennessee
Nashville Songwriters Association International: Tennessee

More Links for Singers

National Association of Teachers of Singing
Among other things, NATS holds many national singing competitions.

CD Baby
Lots of information here for singers, musicians and songwriters.

Just Plain Folks
A community of over 50,000 songwriters,artists and music industry pros. Full of information about the music business, free to join.

A Capella Music and Theater

Lots of resources.

A great site for finding song lyrics in many languages.

Are You Ready To Do a Demo?
Pre-demo recording advice from producer Tom Manche.

Buckinghorse Design - Nancy Terzian has years of experience and can design CD covers, magazine layouts, books, and more. She's top-notch and she can work with you long-distance.


Karen Leipziger/KL Productions:, 615-297-4452. Karen has worked with a bunch of artists you know--including me! She knows her stuff.

Booking Coach/Indie Artist Guru
Nancy Moran - Nancy is a brilliant teacher who gives online and live workshops that will help to make the business side of being an artist much easier and more efficient.

Internet Music Marketing Workshops
Charles Alexander teaches the very informative Rock the Net workshops, and also does internet strategy for clients.

Artist/Songwriter Professional Guidance
Music Industry Blueprint - Rick Barker had a long career in radio and artist management before moving to Nashville-- Now he's advising artists on music business strategy via workshops, consultations and his site--the latter has lots of useful info. He also hosts free monthly artist's workshops in Nashville.

Global Songwriter.Com  - Sheree Spoltore offers individual consultations as well as online workshops and mentoring.


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