The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. 2

Learn how to sing, build and maintain your vocal strength and range, and learn or maintain all of the elements of good vocal technique.

"I am totally in love with these CDs - my drive to work in the morning is so cool now." 

Tony Morrow

"It's so well organized and appropriate for all levels, thank you." 

Martin Green, Director of Vocal Studies, Citrus College

"Thank you so much for doing all of this work for me." 
Deanna Delore, Vocal Instructor, Hancock Jr. College

"Your guidebook has been a constant companion—I've stuck with it more than any other program I've ever tried. It's been a delight and a pleasure to work with, and I really can't thank you enough for putting it out there." 
Neil Goldstein

"I ordered your workouts Volumes I and II, and wanted you to know how happy I am with your incredibly comprehensive work."
Sandy Shales

PLEASE NOTE: we are no longer selling workouts from this site, please purchase it at You can still learn about it, listen to some audio downloads, and download a free sample of the guidebook below.

After the release of my first No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout, I heard from singers all over the world. They all loved the workout, but they wanted some new songs to sing. So I wrote and recorded Volume 2: it uses the same method to cover similar singing technique material. This time I included a longer guidebook and eighteen new songs that gradually increase in range and difficulty. 

Beginning Singers: learn how to sing correctly and build your vocal power and range by singing through the workout at your own pace, with or without the guidebook.

Experienced Singers: skip the audio singing lessons and just use the set of songs to warm up and maintain your vocal technique and strength. 

The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. 2 includes:
• Two CDs of 18 fully produced songs and audio singing lessons. Disc #1 includes the songs with vocals and instructional introductions. Disc #2 has the same songs without vocals, followed by a section on how to stylize the songs. 
• A 76-page guidebook that has detailed vocal technique information, troubleshooting hints, and vocal stylizing ideas for each song, as well as chapters on dealing with colds, allergies, the environment, and aging vocal cords. 

Sing the Warmup Set: to warm up, breathe correctly, increase your range, and to build vocal control, resonance and better tone. 

Sing the Workout Set: to increase your volume, vocal endurance, sustenance, belting ability, and pitch dexterity. 

Three versions are available: Alto/Bass/High Tenor, Baritone/Soprano, and an expanded version including all four Alto/Bass & Baritone/Soprano CDs. 

Not sure whether to get Vol. 1 or 2? Not sure whether to get the Alto/Bass, Baritone/Soprano, or Expanded version? Click here for answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Click the link below for a free download of a sample of the No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. 2 Guidebook.


  • I Hope You Dance
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water
  • Cry
  • Alison
  • Get Here
  • Don't Know Why
  • Tracks of My Tears
  • One Of Us
  • Why Don't You Do Right?
  • You're Still the One
  • Thank You (Dido)
  • Sunday Kind of Love
  • You Gotta Be
  • Summertime
  •  I Can See Clearly Now
  • Dear Prudence
  • Ms. Celie's Blues (Sister)
  • I'm Beginning To See the Light

Vocal Range

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