More Singing Lesson Information

Every singer has different needs, so every lesson is a little different. I work hard to make sure we're covering material that's relevant to you as a singer. Here's some more information so you have some idea of what to expect: 

Beginning Singers 

If you've never studied singing, here's what often happens that first lesson: I briefly talk anatomy, then we look at breathing and resonance. That first lesson we'll probably spend more time on exercises and technique, and then get to a song later in the hour. At subsequent lessons we'll work more with songs. 

Singers with Some Experience 

If you are a singer who has some experience, what helps me the most is hearing you sing fairly early in the hour. If possible, come prepared to sing a chorus of any song you like. A cappella is fine.  This is not an audition, so don't take it too seriously. I just need to hear you to get an idea of what our focus should be. If you have a specific vocal problem you know you want to work on, sing me something that will show me the problem. 

All Singers 

Usually working on songs I'll accompany singers on piano, but some students prefer I play guitar, and some bring in karaoke CDs or tracks to sing with. I have a bluetooth speaker if you want to play tracks from your phone. I always have a guitar here for the player/singers. 

I burn a CD of each lesson so you have instruction, exercises and accompaniment to work with at home--I have the recorder and CD burner here, and I provide blank CDs. If we're working online I record instructional tracks, warmups, and accompaniment tracks during our lesson that I email to you afterward.

What to Bring 

If you have sheet music, lyrics with chords, or just a lyric sheet for any songs you want to sing, please bring an extra copy for me. If you accompanying yourself, it helps me to have a lyric sheet, and chord charts are even better. If you don't have any sheet music don't worry: I have loads of sheet music here in many styles if you need it. 

If you're singing to tracks, make sure that they don't have a lead singer—bring tracks minus vocals, if possible. If you're in a band and have band tracks without your voice on them, bring those. If your tracks are on your phone that's fine, I can send that through my speakers.