Online Singing Lessons

"Susan is my guru for singing. Not only has she helped me to open up and find my voice, but she also taught me how to use and manage my voice as a professional singer. She is the consummate teacher and a phenomenal listener."  Brad Cole

           All of my lessons are online these days. I’ve given online singing lessons to singers from Alaska to Argentina to South Korea to Kuwait: as long as we can figure out a time that works for both of us we can meet. I work with complete beginners to working pros on everything from basic technique to audition prep to vocal recovery to vocal fine-tuning.
           Please check out my main teaching page for all the areas we can cover during your lesson. You can use Skype or Zoom singing lessons for systematic voice training if you like. Or you may have a specific problem and want to do just one or a handful of troubleshooting lessons—that's fine with me. It helps me to know when scheduling what your goal is, so please let me know.
           The main difference between Skype and live voice lessons is accompaniment, since on Skype if I play piano while you sing the sound sometime cuts out. This happens on all online platforms like Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc. If you sing a cappella or accompany yourself (either with a backing track or your own instrument) there’s no issue. For other singers I can record an exercise or accompaniment during your lesson and then email an mp3 of it to you after our session.
            Harmony lessons can be trickier, since we can't sing at the same time--but I've taught many successful harmony Skype lessons to two or more singers on the other end, or by sending you tracks for you to harmonize with on your end.
           Skype is free to download and use on both PCs and Macs. I’ve had students who set up USB mics for Skype lessons, but a built-in mic on your computer is fine and in some ways better, since the latter won’t block my view of your mouth. I also use Zoom for online vocal coaching if that's your preference, just let me know and I'll send you a link.
          If you want to set up a lesson, please contact me first to check my availability and schedule a time that works for both of us--then purchase a regular voice lesson with me sometime before the lesson. You can do that at the bottom of my main singing lesson page. Currently I’m on Pacific Standard Time and my Skype name is susananders777. If you prefer Zoom just let me know.