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Santa Fe 

I moved to Santa Fe in November 2023: it's a soulful small tourist town filled with art and music. I'm teaching less and writing and singing more here. On top of writing/recording my own songs I'm singing in a choir for the first time in many years: The Zia Singers. It's a kick in the pants to be sight-singing again after so long, and both fun and thrilling to be part of a large group singing beautiful contemporary choral works.

New Albums from Mary Bragg and Scott Ramminger 

I've been thoroughly enjoying the new releases from Mary Bragg and Scott Ramminger. Mary is a friend who has sung on some of the Sing Harmonies App songs, and Scott is a talented student of mine.

Mary is a top-notch singer whose voice stands out among the many wonderful singers in Nashville, and her new release VIOLETS AS CAMOUFLAGE is filled with beautiful melodies and deep lyrics, as well as excellent Americana-style production.

Scott's new release RISE UP has eight original songs ranging from flat-out blues to jazz standards, all with smart lyrics, soulful vocals, and tasty musicianship from Scott and his band.

Check them out!

Ava Preston Wins Two Downbeat Magazine Awards 

Congratulations to my student Ava Preston for winning in two categories in Downbeat Magazine's 2018 Student Music Awards:  Vocal Jazz Soloist (Junior High School) and Blues/Pop/Rock Soloist (Junior High School). She got a nice write-up in the magazine, too. That's a pretty great achievement when you're only thirteen! Ava is an extraordinary singer, remember her name.